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Transaction Flow

  1. Marshal own conditions

    Investment? Residence? - Price/return

    Location, Environment

    Target closing date

  2. Select a real estate agent that organizes every step on your behalf

    Quick response?

    Understand you and introduce what you want?

  3. Search target properties

    Compare multiple target properties sorted by conditions defined by yourself

    Check recent transaction history in the neighborhood

  4. Onsite inspection

    Check out properties with your own eyes

  5. Finance check

    Cash or loan ? Make the fund plan

  6. Apply for purchase (not binding written contract)

    This application shall contain information;

    • Property details
    • Offer price
    • Settlement date and method
    • Other conditions
    • Your signature
  7. Important description

    A Registered Real Estate Transaction Manager shall provide you with a document of "important details" regarding the property. This stipulates terms and conditions. You must check if all look good at this point.

  8. Execution of the contract

    Likely to pay reservation fee (10% of the property price or JPY 10,000,000 ) at this time. This fee is to be applied later to the remaining balance.

  9. Loan application (if applicable)

    If it’s not approved, the contract shall be terminated and paid-in money shall be refunded in full.

  10. Final settlement

    Loan based transaction- Enter into loan agreement

    Resister the ownership

    Settle the balance including: Property Tax, City Planning Tax, Management Fee, Maintenance Charge, and Brokerage fee to your agent (3%+)

  11. Property Delivery